From the President


As St Bees prepares to reopen in September 2018, the continued support of all members of the St Beghian Society to the school has never been so important.

Reopening the school is an inappropriate description of the reality. A new school is being created at St Bees and the task is hugely challenging.

I find myself wearing 'three hats' at the present time: President of the OSBS, a Trustee of the School, and a Director of the St Bees School Management Company, the joint venture company that is managing the reopening and running of the new school. I therefore have an inside view of the project.

We all know that the St Bees environment, with all its benefits, is a distant location on the west coast and is itself an area at an economic disadvantage when compared with many parts of the UK. This makes the task of reopening difficult. Attracting students is a major challenge for the project. This is where all OSBS can help by actively promoting the new school and its educational concept whenever they have the opportunity. For further details I would refer you to the St Bees School Website (

President Peter Lever

The Old St Beghian Society was established to achieve the following objectives:

1. To enable past pupils and all those interested in the school to keep in touch with the school and one another.

2. To promote a bond of union between past students to mutual advantage.

3. To promote the school in every possible way.

Today these Society objectives are more significant than ever.

If like me you have warm feelings towards St Bees School, you will want to do all that lies within your power to ensure that our school reopens successfully.

Peter G. Lever,