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  July 2019


London Dinner

The RAF Club once again played host to the London OSBs’ annual dinner, which took place on 31st May 2019. Thirty-two members and guests enjoyed an excellent evening, and were delighted to welcome the Headmaster Roger Sinnett, and Lawrence Gribble, both of Full Circle, as our special guests, as well as our President, Peter Lever. The Headmaster brought us up to date with current developments at the school and the educational goals of Full Circle, and left us with a strong feeling of optimism about the future of the school. We were grateful also to Peter Lever for his account of the Society and the School Trust. The event attracted OSBs from a wide range of school years (from 1952 to 2009) and memories were shared long into the night. 

Attendees: Roger Sinnett (Headmaster), Graeme Bagnall (SH 85-91), Tim Crossley-Smith (SH 73-78) & Trish Crossley-Smith, Richard Duffus (SH 76-83), Ewan Frost-Pennington (SH 01-08), Laurence Gribble (SH 02-09), John Hewitson (SH 52-57), Donald Jackson (SH 75-80), Einar Jorstad (SH 77-78) & Monica Jorstad, Peter Lever (President)(G 62-66) & Jane Lever, Vicky Lin (L 06-09), Rod Macleod (FN 73-79), Stephen Murray (SH 63-68) & Jill Murray, David Paul (FN 71-76) & Nadia Khan and Sonia Duggal, Gordon Peel (FN 55-59) & Yvonne Peel, Michael Pemberton (SH 57-62), Jonathan Pollock (SH 73-78), Paul Rew (FS 61-66), Nicola Shannon (G 78-85), Mark Spencer-Ellis (SH 62-66), David Stark (FN 52-57) & Pam Stark, Alan Stewart (SH 82-89), Trent Wallace (FN 73-78) & Tracey Wallace and Dacre Watson (SH 56-62).

Photos may be seen by clicking here.

A more informal event is planned for Friday 11th October at the Samuel Pepys (Stew Lane, London EC4V 3PT) and for details of this and future OSB events in London, please contact Tim Crossley-Smith ( or Nicola Shannon ( Further information may also be seen in the next section ‘Annual Dinner & Other Dates’.




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