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  July 2019


Wasps Rugby Event - OSBs at the Ricoh Arena

Saturday 9th March 2019 - Wasps v Newcastle Falcons


I have to say that I expected to be the oldest OSB attending the social get-together of OSBs at the Ricoh Arena on 9th March and it was very gratifying to find two others there who beat me by a generation.

It was a good occasion and I would just like to thank Mark Spencer Ellis for going to the trouble of organising such a splendid day for us by extending an invitation to all OSBs to join him and his daughter, Julia, for lunch at the home of Wasps RUFC in Coventry followed by a match between Wasps and Newcastle Falcons.

As always seems to happen at such events, and even though we were to a large extent from different eras at St Bees, it was a real pleasure to see how easily everyone mingled; a common experience of education, a love of rugby and a chance to chat about times gone by and perhaps the future.

I hope there will be other such occasions organised from time to time by other Old St Beghians; having been to two now over the last six months, I can assure everyone that they are great fun and well worth attending.

Incidentally, it was a fine game and Newcastle Falcons won in the last minute by 20-19. A pleasure to watch and in such good company.

A list of attendees in ‘seniority’:
Steve Crossley-Smith (SH 47-52) and Pat, Robert Middleton (F 50-54) and Mary, Dacre Watson (SH 56-62), David Lord
(SH 60-65), Peter Lever (G 62-66) (Current OSB President) and his son Sam, Mark Spencer Ellis (SH 62-66) and his daughter Julia, Paul Isaac (G 67-71), Paul Spencer Ellis (SH 68-73) and Jan, Joe Croasdale (FS 70-75), Tim Crossley-Smith (SH 73-78) and Trish (plus their tribe), Mark Albion (FN 77-82) and Janet.

Dacre Watson (SH 56-62).

Photos may be seen by clicking here.


Mike Clarke adds:

Well fancy that….. a pupil from Durham School being allowed to attend an Old St Beghian reunion! I was delighted to be invited and many thanks to Mark Spencer Ellis for that and to you all for making me very welcome. What a great day and being a Wasps fan (despite coming from the North East), only slightly spoilt by the last kick of the game, although the cheers of others nearby suggest that they were well pleased with the result.

I thought the whole occasion was terrific and I have only recently recovered, having stayed-on in our excellent hospitality suite to enjoy the England game (not the last one) with Old St Beghians of my era followed by a night out for myself in Coventry (bad idea!).
When I was at Durham (1977-84), having been taught by Nigel Halfpenny OSB when he could only have been a teenager himself, I once visited St Bees with the First XV. Although being of remarkably modest playing ability I was brought along as the mascot. I do remember the occasion well although I have no idea what the result was. Best wishes to all of you and never trust an Old Dunelmian with your tablet!



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