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  July 2019


Last Post Buglers – Grindal House


Following the recent decision of the school Trustees to offer Grindal House for sale, it seemed a good idea to ask OSBs for information about the former tradition of sounding the Last Post from the house every evening during term time. Pam Rumney received a number of replies to a request in an earlier issue of the Bulletin asking if anyone remembered the names of people who were involved in this, and from the responses she has been able to compile an initial list covering the years from the late 1940s to about 1980.


THORNBORROW, J.D. (John) (G 43-49)


BUCKERIDGE, W. (Bill) (F 44-47)


BARR, R.F. (Ron) (G 47-52)

Early 1950s?

RICHARDSON, D.M. (David) (G 51-54)


BALDWIN, C.P.P. (Peter) (G 51-56)


GREETHAM, W. F. (Bill) (G 53-58)


WARD, C.J. (Chris) (G 55-60)


DODD, G.P.C. (Gervase) (F 56-61)


LEES, S.C. (Steve) (G 56-62)


DE GRUYTHER, T. (Tim) (G 61-66)


ISAAC, P.E.W (Paul) (G 67-71)


INGALL, W.P.H. (Peter) (G 68-71)


KNIGHT, B.R. (Ben) (G/FS 73-80)


TATTERSALL, L. (Luke) (SH 74-80)


A full detailed list with descriptions and comments may be seen by clicking here (Word) or here (PDF).

In reading some of the comments which accompanied the letters of those who replied, it seems that instruments which regaled the village included CCF bugles, a cornet, a French horn, a silver bugle, and a trumpet. Locations for the performance ranged from the Grindal fire escape, the top floor dormitory, a study window, the Grindal dayroom, the dining room window, and the ‘bedsit at the top of School House’.

The time of playing seems to have remained constant at 10pm, whatever the weather conditions, with ‘official consequences’ if the call was late.

One thing we would like to know is when this tradition actually started.

Thank you to all who responded to this enquiry. Given the intention to sell Grindal, it would be appropriate if any former members of the house felt they could contribute their own reminiscences of the years they spent there so that we may have a permanent record of its social history for posterity.                






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