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  July 2019


David Anthony Steele (F 40-45)

The following is from David’s wife, Joan.

“David Anthony Steele, died on 31st December 2018.

He was a pupil at St Bees from 1940-1945. He was following a family tradition in that his father had also attended St Bees, and the family were residents when his grandfather was the local vicar at one point. They also had farming interests in the area.

David was very pleased to learn that the school was going to continue following its closure in 2015, and I know he subsequently made a donation to help with that.

While at St Bees he also learned to play the organ and was playing for services before he left, both at school and the village church. It became a constant thread throughout his life, always playing for churches (organist and choirmaster in Broadway St Michael’s Church) and in our local Queen Thorne Benefice here when we retired in 1989. He only gave up after 60 years’ service because of ill health.

David loved the school, and I wish everyone concerned with the re-opening the best of luck.”




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