30th June 2016                                                                                                          





Dear Parent/Guardian,



Membership of the St Beghian Society



Since the announcement of the closure of the school we have received several enquiries from parents and pupils about membership of the St Beghian Society.


Membership of the Society is open to every former pupil, subject to the approval of the Committee and to payment of the life subscription, which is currently £50.00. The Society’s income is derived almost entirely from these subscriptions and from voluntary annual payments, mainly by older members.


One of the main objectives of the Society has been and will continue to be to enable former pupils to maintain their links with one another and to promote a strong bond between all Society members across the years. It is hoped that the various Branch Dinners and other activities throughout the country (and also abroad) will continue and in addition, new initiatives will be developed. It is also our intention to continue with the issuing of our half yearly Bulletin.


The Old St Beghians’ Golfing Society, which is self-administering but operates under the umbrella of the main Society, is involved in a number of Old Boys’ competitions, including the Halford Hewitt Cup at Royal St George’s and Royal Cinque Ports in April each year; The Grafton Morrish Tournament, where annual qualifying takes place each spring at Huddersfield; in the autumn the Queen Elizabeth Tournament in Edinburgh, and for those over 50 the Cyril Gray Tournament, at Worplesdon in Surrey.

Every year the Society holds The Critchley Cup in memory of the Society’s founder, Brigadier General Critchley. This year it was due to be played over the Jubilee Course at St Andrews but had to be postponed. We are hoping to hold the event next year in June on the same course.

For details of how to join the Golfing Society please contact: Michael Coffey on 01255676727 or Michael@golfclubsec.co.uk.


If you would like your son/daughter to become a member of the St Beghian Society, please complete the attached form (click here) and return, along with your payment, to the St Beghian Society address below. If you believe you have already paid the subscription, as part of a school bill, please do still complete the form and also tick the relevant box .


For further information or if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the Society Office on 01946 828093.


Yours faithfully,


David F. Lord.

Secretary and Treasurer.