OSB DAY 2009

Saturday, 12th September 2009

The Annual General Meeting of the Society was followed by a service in the chapel conducted by the school's Chaplain, the Rev. Lars Nowen. After this, there was an enjoyable buffet lunch in the Salad Room and then, in the afternoon, a number of sporting activities. In the rugby match, an OSB's 24 years and over side beat the OSB's 17-23 years by 49 points to 41. At hockey, the OSB's defeated the school first team 3-0. In the golf match the school won by four and a half to two and a half.
The fives match is reported separately below.
The afternoon's events concluded with a reception by the Head and Mrs Capes in the Memorial Hall.

Those who signified in advance they were attending are listed below, along with others whom we know were present on the day:




GRAHAM, J.A. (Tony)

FN 53-55

BEIGHTON, G.M. (Gerry)

FS 48-52


HALL, R. (Richard)

FS 64-69

BRANDWOOD, Major P.M.H. (Michael)

FS 61-66


HAYWARD, A.F. (Alastair)

FS 45-49

BROUGH, Miss K.V. (Kim)



HEATON, Dr. J.D. (John)

F 42-47

BROWN, J.D.S. (Tim)

G 53-59


HOLMES, E.S. (Stan)

SH 45-50


F 44-48


JACKSON, Dr. J.H. (Hubert)

SH 44-49

CALVIN, Mrs S.J. (Sara)

G 77-84



G 98-05

CRAYSTON, Miss B.A. (Bethanie)

L 01-08


JOHNSTON, Miss A.J. (Alice)

L 00-07


SH 47-52


JOHNSTON, A.T. (Andrew)

G 68-73

CURRY, N.J.V. (Nick)

SH 60-66


JOHNSTON, D.T. (David)

FN 41-44

DALZELL, Dr. T. (Tom)

FN 49-53


JOHNSTON, Miss L.D. (Lucy)

L 01-08

DAVIES, N.R. (Nigel)

G 57-62


KYNASTON, J.H. (Johnny)

SH 99-06

DAVIES, Dr, J.M.Q. (Mark)

G 55-59


LAMONT, C.I. (Chris)

SH 92-99

DIXON, Miss N. (Natalie)

L 00-07


LEE, P.M. (Peter)

SH 98-05

DOWNHAM, S.A. (Stephen)

G 61-65


LEWIS, Miss C.J. (Katie)

L 01-08

DRYSDALE, M.A. (Matthew)

SH 98-05


LORD, Miss C.J. (Tina)

G/L 92-97


SH 99-06


LORD, D.F. (David)

SH 60-65

FOX, A.P. (Anthony)

G 62-67


LYALL, D.E. (David)

M 52-91


SH 01-08


MAYNE, T. (Terence)

SH 47-52

GARROD, D.A. (David)

G 01-08


MACCAIG, A.S. (Alec)

FS 42-46

GILMOUR, Miss L.H. (Lucy)

L 00-07


MACRAE, Miss C. (Charlotte)

L 99-06

MOORE, Miss H.L. (Helen)

L 01-08


SHARMAN, C.J. (Chris)

G 02-09

MORRIS, A.C. (Andrew)

G 97-04


SMITH, Miss C.L. (Clare)

G 89-96

MOUNSEY, Miss S.A. (Sarah)

L 98-04


SMITH, M.A. (Michael)

F 87-93

MUDD, Miss D.L. (Danni)

L 01-08


TAYLOR, Miss H.A. (Holly)

L 99-06

MURRAY, A.R. (Adam)

SH 96-01


TEASDALE, J.D. (Jonathan)

SH 02-06


SH 44-49



SH 04-06)

PECKITT, R.A. (Adrian)

FS 72-77


WEBSTER, Miss S.H. (Sarah)

L 01-08

POSNIK, L. (Lukasz)

SH 07-09


WIGGANS, M.T.R. (Michael)

SH 45-51


AC 88-92



FS 68-73

REEVE, Dr. A.J.H. (Tony)

M 89-08



FN 61-64

RICE, A. (Alan)

FS 49-54


WILLS, A.J. (Anthony)

F 60-64

RIGBY, M.G. (Matthew)

FS 73-78


YATES, J.W. (Jim)

FS 42-46

ROBERTS, M.N. (Mark)

SH 93-95



FS 54-57

Photographs of the day may be viewed by clicking on the links below:

General Hockey 1 Hockey 2 Rugby


On the morning of OSB's Day, John Wilkinson (FS 68-73) and Adrian Peckitt (FS 72-77) beat the school's first team 3-0 in a best of five games match. The school pair put up a very good fight and had vastly improved compared with the year before.
I would like to mention that 2010 is the Summer Ball year and I would like to field a team of three or more pairs to take on the improving school team. Age is no barrier or excuse as you can see from our ages above, so please do contact me to put yourself forward.
John Wilkinson can be contacted on tel: 0161 3517888, mobile: 07799478405 or
email: j_a_wilkinson2002@yahoo.co.uk