Saturday, 18th September 2010.

The Annual General Meeting of the Society, for which the minutes appear in an attachment below, was followed by a service in the school chapel conducted by the Rev.Richard Lee, rector of Bigrigg, Egremont and Haile, the father of four former pupils. He spoke eloquently about the value of an education at St Bees School. Chapel was followed by lunch in the Management Centre and then, in the afternoon, a number of sporting activities took place. At fives, John Wilkinson (FS 68-73) and Adrian Peckitt (FS 72-77) beat the school pair 2-0, as did Rickie Bewsher (G 03-10) and Joe Pearson (G 03-10) and also Laurence Gribble (SH 02-09) and Simon Graham (SH 03-10). At hockey, the OSBs beat the school 3-1 and at rugby the Over 24s beat the Under 24s 27-20. In the golf match, the school beat the OSBs 5 – 2.
The afternoon’s events concluded with a reception by the Head and Mrs Capes in the Management Centre.

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Those who signified in advance that they were attending are listed in the attached document,
along with others whom we know were present on the day.
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The 17th (102nd) Annual General Meeting of the St. Beghian Society was held in the Whitelaw Building
on Saturday 18th September 2010 at 11.00am.
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