Sydney, Australia – OSB Get together

An informal reunion took place on Sunday, 25th October in Sydney. Ian McCullough writes:

“We had a really enjoyable BBQ and get-together at David and Kit Ferry’s house at Cherrybrook, an almost rural suburb of Sydney. It rained lightly on the day, so most of us did not use the pool. Fortunately, David and Kit had an ideal covered area next to the house, so the rain did not affect our enjoyment of the day. Sydney needs more rain so we did not begrudge it! We brought our own meat for the BBQ plus a salad or dessert each, and wine or beer. We all shared a long table and it was almost like a family reunion. It was quite a feast and it was a pity to have to leave by late afternoon. The OSB’s are going strong in Sydney! We have informally arranged to meet again in mid 2010.

The following were present: Joe Bonington (FN 80-83), John Felton (F 62-66), Michael Ferns (SH 53-58), David Ferry (FN 54-57), Ian McCulloch (G 65-70), Stephen McCulloch (G 73-77), Andy Spira (SH 74-80), David Spira SH 63-67).”

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