2010 Competition Dates

Halford Hewitt (www.halfordhewitt.org)
Team of ten
Royal Cinques Ports GC (Deal)
Royal St Georges GC (Sandwich)
Princes GC (Sandwich)

8th – 11th April

Grafton Morrish (Qualifying)
Team of six
Huddersfield Golf Club

9th May 

Cyril Gray (Over 50 yrs)
Team of six
Worplesdon GC, Surrey           

24th -26th June

Queen Elizabeth Coronation Schools Trophy
Team of six
Royal Burgess GC, Edinburgh

24th – 26th Sept

Grafton Morrish (Finals)
Team of six
Hunstanton GC
Royal West Norfolk GC (Brancaster)

1st – 3rd Oct     

The St. Beghian Society, St. Bees School, St. Bees, Cumbria, CA27 0DS

tel: 01946 828093         
email: osb@st-bees-school.co.uk     www.st-beghian-society.co.uk