David Broomfield (SH 48-52)
has sent in the following notes on his career:

“After leaving St Bees and completing national service in the RAF, I attended the Edinburgh School of Agriculture and then from 1958 to 1966 was an assistant farms’ manager on a group of farms in Berwickshire. From there I joined Fisons as a technical sales representative in the Scottish borders, advising on fertilizers and agrochemicals. In 1970 I joined up with the Swiss company Geigy UK and helped to set up a distribution network in Scotland. When they became Ciba-Geigy Agrochemicals, I was northern sales manager over an area from Scotland into northern England until retirement in 1991.

While keeping my hand in with various agricultural enterprises, I then set about enjoying my newly-found leisure. Throughout my life my main interests, next to my family of course, have centred around sport. In my youth I played for Melrose RUFC and was proud to be a member of the side which twice won the Scottish league championship. I also kept up my cricket in the summers for a long time. As the years have passed, those activities, and squash, have had to be forgotten, leaving only a daily brisk walk when the weather permits! I still keep up with Gordon Mathison (F 48-52), Alastair Moncur (SH 49-54) and Peter Hopley (SH 47-52), and one day hope to make OSB’s Day. But having a home in Cyprus means that my wife and I are usually there at that time of the year.”

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