Lucy Sillars (nee Curry, G 87-94)
has sent in some details of her career since leaving school:

“I went off to Newcastle Uni to study Politics and East Asian History with Japanese, graduated, and ended up following Vicky Thompson into Deloitte (or Deloitte and Touche as it was) to train as a chartered accountant. A bit of an odd choice for me and mainly based on the fact that I didn’t know what to do, and as a trainee auditor you get to see a lot of different companies as you audit them! As it turns out, it was probably the best ‘random’ decision I have taken. After qualifying, I stayed for a year before moving on to work for Procter & Gamble, also in Newcastle, where I have been for the past seven years. I am currently working as a project manager on different finance projects in Western and Eastern Europe, most recently in the Ukraine and Russia. It is a peculiar thing but chartered accountants seem to stick together. I was introduced to Tristan (ex KPMG) by a mutual friend (also an ACA at Deloitte) and we were married last year at home in Bootle, Cumbria. We have just moved away from Newcastle down to North Yorkshire to a small village called Osmotherley. This means I have a long drive to work but some of the best views in the country when I get back home!”

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