President:                                                    Hon. Secretary and Treasurer:
D. H. Williams (Don) (F 61-64)                                              D. F. Lord (David) (SH 60-65)

R.P. Calvin (Roy)
(SH 79-83)

Mrs C. Hunt (Claire)
(L 81-88)

Mrs S.J. Calvin (Sara)
(G 77-84)

A.T. Johnston (Andrew)
(G 68-73)

D.W. Davies (Darryl)
(FS 62-68)

A.D. Lord (Alastair)
(SH 90-95)

T.J.E. Doggett (James)
(SH 97-99)

D.E. Lyall (David)
(M 52-91)

J.M.W. Dunn (John)
(FS 64-69)

A.J.H. Reeve (Tony) 
(M 89-08)

A.J. Haile (Andy)
(F/SH 76-83)

M.N. Roberts (Mark)
(SH 93-95)

R. Hall (Richard)
(F 64-68)

A.J. Wills (Anthony)
(F 60-64)


R.P. Calvin (Roy)
(SH 79-83)

N.A. Halfpenny (Nigel)
(FN 62-67)

J.G. Craig (James)
(FN 75-82)

D.F. Lord (David)
(SH 60-65)

W.F. Gough (Bill)
(SH 51-56)


There is currently one vacant position on the Committee, if you are interested in being involved, please contact the Secretary or any of the above members.

The next Committee Meeting will be held in the Whitelaw Building at 11.00 a.m. on Saturday, 13th March, 2010.
The AGM and St. Beghians’ Day will take place on Saturday 18th September 2010.

The St. Beghian Society, St. Bees School, St. Bees, Cumbria, CA27 0DS

tel: 01946 828093