North East Branch Dinner 2010

A good number of Society members attended the Dinner, once again held at the Northumberland Golf Club, Gosforth.
Attenders: M.B. Cottam (Chairman) (SH 69-74), P.J. Capes (Headmaster), Mrs H. Capes, D.H.Williams (President of the St. Beghian Society) (FN 61-64), W.E.Dove (Secretary of the NE Branch) (FN 57-60), I. Moore (Head Boy), Miss S. Jennings-Adams (Head Girl), I.M.Hanson (FN 46-50), J.F. Bullock (FN 44-48), P.D.G. Hopley (SH 47-52), C.C. Edney (FN 50-54), W.H. Colbeck (FN 49-55), F.O. Messenger (SH 50-55), C.R. Kennedy (FN 55-59), J M Southern (FN55-59), C.J.Cummins (G 56-62), A.M. Carstairs (FN 57-62), G.C. Robson (FN 57-64), J.M. McBryde (G 58-61), T.G. Steven (G 59-64), D.F. Lord (SH 60-65), Mrs F.E. Lord (retired staff), J. Mosgrove (SH 60-63), G.L. Spencer (G61-64), A.O. Burn (G 62-65), M. P. Windle (FS 68-71), Mrs R.V. Lewis (L77-79), Miss I.C. Colbeck (G 81-82), D.J. Pitchford (G 95-02), D. Busby (SH 95-02), P.J. Drysdale (SH 95-02), G.L. Lewis (SH 96-03), K.A.Marshall (SH98-05), J.R.A. Woodhouse (SH 99-02), T. Pavey-Smith (G 01-08).

After pre-dinner socialising in the impressive lounge, newly-installed Chairman Mark Cottam led guests into the dining- room for what proved to be a first-class meal. George Robson offered the Grace.

Following the loyal toast, the Chairman remarked on the vitality of the Branch and invited Head Girl, Saoirse Jennings-Adams to propose the toast to the school. She spoke eloquently and confidently of her love for St. Bees and of the close staff-pupil relationships. The Headmaster rose to propose a toast to the Society. He described the structural work that had taken place on the premises and the reorganising of pupil accommodation. He said that the school was in good health.

The Society President responded with a description of his recent involvements at the school and how pleased he was with the response to the Branch social held during the summer at the Durham County cricket ground at Chester-le Street. He outlined a similar event to be held in January 2011 at the Newcastle Falcons’ rugby ground. Branch members had already been circulated with details and all the signs were that it would be a ‘full house’.

The Chairman thanked guests for their attendance and everyone moved back to the lounge, where socialising re-commenced until 11p.m.
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Scottish Branch

The Scottish Branch gathered for a very enjoyable weekend at Ullapool from the 21st to the 23rd of October 2010. The dinner itself was held at Ceilidh Place, Ullapool on the Saturday. In attendance were: David and Sue Parker, Anthony and Joanna Wills, David and Fiona Lord, Adrian and Margaret Baggot, Nick and Bette Hunter.

On the Friday, golf was on the agenda and even an attempt on one of the Munros (Beinn Dearg) by Nick and Bette Hunter, who were only defeated by heavy snowdrifts with the summit in sight. On Saturday there was more golf, a visit to Inverewe Gardens, retail therapy in Ullapool and a long walk to Sandwood Bay by the Lords.

Everyone had a thoroughly good time and we would encourage more OSBs to attend next year.

David Parker (GH 63-68)
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Yorkshire Branch

A most successful lunch was held at The Boar’s Head Hotel, Ripley on October 10th 2010. The food provided was excellent and the staff very hospitable and efficient. The day was crowned with excellent weather.

Those attending were: Michael Binns (FS 52-56), Peter Bloomer (SH 44-49), Philip Capes (Head), Ian Crawford (FS 51-55), Steve Crossley-Smith (SH 47-52), Stan Holmes (SH 45-50), John Johnson (FS 46-50), John Kelly (FS 64-68), Peter Kelly (FS 65-70), Tony Townsend (SH 52-56), Don Williams (FS 61-64), Jim Yates (FS 42-46).   
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