2011 Fixtures


Halford Hewitt
( Team of ten.
Royal Cinques Ports GC (Deal), Kent.
Royal St Georges GC (Sandwich), Kent.
Princes GC (Sandwich), Kent.

7th - 10th April 2011

Grafton Morrish (Qualifying)
Team of six.
Huddersfield Golf Club, West Yorkshire .

15th May 2011

St Bees Weekend                              
St Bees School Golf Course, Cumbria.

TBC June 2011

Cyril Gray (Over 50 yrs)
Team of six.
Worplesdon GC, Surrey.              

23rd - 25th June 2011

Critchley Cup
Prestwick Golf Club.      

21st August 2011

Old St Beghians’ Day
St Bees School Golf Course, Cumbria.   

10th September 2011

Queen Elizabeth Coronation Schools Trophy
Team of six.
Royal Burgess GC, Edinburgh.  

24th - 26th  September 2011

Grafton Morrish (Finals)
Team of six.                             
Hunstanton GC, Norfolk.
Royal West Norfolk GC (Brancaster), Norfolk.                       

7th - 9th October 2011



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