P.M.J. Burn (G 43-47). R.M.T. Stout (G45-49) recently advised the Society of Mike’s death in 2008:

“I am sorry to announce the death of P.M.J. Burn, which occurred over two years ago.
Everyone at school would hear him playing the Last Post on a bugle from Grindal’s upstairs fire escape at 10pm most nights - he was also in the JTC Brass Band. 
He first contacted me in the early 90s on account of my letter to the Bulletin. After he retired from being the editor of Calgary’s principal newspaper, he settled with his dogs on property in British Columbia’s interior. He had been a keen fly- fisherman in the northern rivers and lakes and wrote articles in fishing magazines.

I would call on him at least once a year on my way to visit a daughter in Nelson and we would occasionally phone each other, quite often prompted by a recent OSB newsletter, and have a chat about school days. Some of his neighbours recently told me that while walking his dog by the river, he’d fallen and suffered severe head injuries. In hospital, complications arose and he caught pneumonia and died suddenly.”

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