200 Club Report September 2011

Another year has passed and the 200 Club membership has remained fairly constant.

Last September we had 69 members and this year we have a total of 70. As I said last year, we seem to be stuck around this mark and I am grateful to all those who contribute so willingly. What would help is if branch secretaries could distribute copies of the entry form at their events – dinners, lunches, race meetings etc. I hope that by using e-mails I can attach copies of the form, so do let me know if I can be of assistance in this matter.

The prizes might not be so good as the National Lottery or the Euro-millions, but the chances of winning a ‘tenner’ are much greater. Remember, all the profits go to benefit the school.

During the course of the year, the Club has donated £2,500 to the school to help fund a climbing wall in the Sports Hall. I hope this benefits pupils at the school as well as people who live in the locality.

Golf at the school seems to be thriving and I was pleased to sign over a cheque for £400 to help in the purchase of new jerseys. The photographs taken of the pupils wearing them will help to promote the school.

During the summer, a long serving member of the 200 Club, John Hunter, sadly passed away. John had served as a governor of the school and was a loyal supporter of all activities that took place. He sent all three of his children to be educated here and spoke very highly of St. Bees as an educational and sporting establishment. Our thoughts are with Judith and the family. John, you will be greatly missed.



Darryl Davies



Mark George



Tom Lowrey



Ian Harcombe



Dacre Watson



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Michael Binns



Samuel Logan



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John Beal



Chris Tetley


Darryl W Davies,
Secretary 200 Club.

Contact: darryl.davies1@btopenworld.com or (01946) 67984.



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