Through the kindness of OSBs and others, the school has, in previous years, made significant additions to its collection of archives.

This material is often displayed both for exhibitions and teaching purposes and is, of course, permanently preserved so that future generations may gain some idea of what life was like at the school in past times.

In recent years, the number of items received here has tended to decline, and so we would greatly welcome donations of further memorabilia.

If members would like to give material of any description, no matter how apparently trivial, it would be gratefully received and find a good home.

Such items should be sent to the archivist,
Dr. A.J.H. Reeve, at the St. Beghian Society address.
Tel: (01946) 822472 or email:




The St. Beghian Society,    St. Bees School,    St. Bees,    Cumbria,    CA27 0DS.
         Tel: (01946) 828093