St Beghians’ Day 2011

Saturday, 10th September 2011

The Annual General Meeting of the Society, for which the minutes appear below, was followed by a service in the school chapel conducted by the school’s (and the village’s) new chaplain, the Rev. Clifford Swartz. This was followed by lunch in the Foundation. During the afternoon two matches were played: at hockey, the school beat the OSBs by two goals to nil, and at rugby, the U19s beat the Over 19s by 55 points to nineteen. Events concluded with a reception by the Head and Mrs Capes.

Those who signified in advance that they were attending are listed below
along with others whom we know were present on the day:

ADAMS, M.P. (Marc), Mrs
D. Adams & Ms Dee Smith.

FN 69-75

LORD, D.F. (David) & Mrs Fiona Lord

SH 60-65

ALSOP, J.A. (John)

SH 71-76

LYALL, D.E. (David)

M 52-91

BORLASE, J.M. (John), Mrs R.M. & Miss C.F. Borlase

FN 47-49

MACCAIG, A.S. (Alec)

FS 42-46

BRANDWOOD, P.M.H. (Michael)

FS 61-66

MCNEE, Miss S.S. (Sarah)

L 04-11

BULLOCK, J.F. (James)

F 44-48


SH 04-11

CALVIN, Mrs S.J. (Sara)

G 77-84

MCQUIRE, M. (Mark)

SH 00-07

CURRY, N.J.V. (Nick)

SH 60-66

MOORE, B.H. (Bernard)

FN 70-75

DALZELL, Dr. T. (Tom) & Mrs S.M. Dalzell

FN 49-53

MOORE, I.J. (Isaac)

G 04-11

DRYSDALE, M.A. (Matthew)

SH 98-05

NICHOLAS, I. (Ivor) &
Mrs Dorothy Nicholas.

SH 44-48

EDWARDS, S.T. (Simon)

SH 03-10

OSTLE, Miss C. (Charlotte)

L 98-05

FENWICK, R.C. (Calder)

FN 69-71


G 01-08

FROGGATT, Miss L.A.M.Y. (Lucy)

L 04-09

REEVE, Dr. A.J.H. (Tony)

M 89-08

GOUGH, W.F. (Bill)

SH 51-56

RHODES, D.G. (Daniel)

SH 04-11

GRAHAM, J.A. (Tony)

FN 53-55

RICE, A. (Alan)

FS 49-54

GREENE, B.H. (Ben)

G 04-11

RIGBY, Dr. J. A (Anthony)

FS 44-49

HALL, R. (Richard)

FS 64-68

RIGBY, M.G. (Matthew) & Miss Sophie Rigby

FS 73-78

HEATON, J.D. (Donald)

F 42-47

ROWLANDS, N.D. (Nathan)

SH 01-06

HOLLIDAY, D.G. (Denis)

SH 46-52

STOUT, R.A, (Richard)

FN 56-59

HOLMES, E.S. (Stan)

SH 45-50

THOMAS, K.F. (Keith)

SH 71-76

JENNINGS-ADAMS, Miss S.D. (Saoirse)


WATSON, R.R.F. (Robert)

SH 03-10

JOHNSTON, R.S. (Robert)

G 03-10

WIGGANS, M.T.R. (Michael)

SH 45-51

LISTER, J.P. (James)

SH 68-74


F 61-64

LORD, A.D. (Alastair)

SH 90-95

WILLS, A.J. (Anthony)

FN 60-64

Please CLICK HERE for the Minutes of the Annual General Meeting.




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