Branch Activities:

North East Branch Dinner
Present: A.J. Wills (FN 60-64) President of the St. Beghian Society, M.B. Cottam (SH 69-74) Chairman of the Branch,
W.E. Dove (FN 57-60) Secretary of the Branch, J. Davies Headmaster, A. Armstrong Head Boy, Miss G. Oldham Head Girl,
J.F. Bullock (FN 44-48), P.D.G. Hopley (SH 47-52), F.O. Messenger (SH 50-55), I.D. Nimmo (FN 52-57), J.D.S. Brown (G 53-59), W.M.H. Dix (FN 55-58), D. Leslie (SH 55-59), C.R. Kennedy (FN 55-59), J.M. Southern (FN 55-59), A.M. Carstairs (FN 57-62),
G.C. Robson (FN 57-64), T.G. Steven (G 59-64), M.A. Hedley (FN 60-63), D.F. Lord (SH 60-65), Mrs F.E. Lord retired staff,
D.H. Williams (FN 61-64), N.A. Halfpenny (FN 62-67), A.D. Norris (F/AC 81-86), D. Spires (F 85-92), D.J. Pitchford (G95-02),
D. Busby (SH 95-02), P. J. Drysdale (SH 95-02), R.I. Littler (SH 98-05), K.A. Marshall (SH 98-05), M.A. Drydale (SH 98-05),
M.T. Garstang (SH 98-05), D. Rowlands (SH 99-06), T. Pavey-Smith (G 01-08), A. Littler (SH 04-11), R. Carlill (SH 05-11),
I. Moore (SH 04-11), D. Rhodes (SH 04-11).

The annual dinner was once again held in the plush surroundings of the Northumberland Golf Club where there were joyous reunions, introductions and reminiscing in the lounge prior to guests moving to the dining room for what proved to be an excellent meal. Guests were gathered around six tables and the Grace was offered by George Robson. The Branch attendance book circulated around the room for signatures and photographs to record the occasion were taken by Don Williams.
The school’s Head Girl, Miss Georgiana Oldham, rose firstly to outline recent developments at St Bees and then to propose a toast to the school. The Headmaster responded by saying that even though he had been in post for only a few weeks, he recognized that St. Bees School was something very special and his tasks were being eased by the help and advice of current staff, members of the Society and other well-wishers. He felt very privileged to be the Head of a school with such fine traditions and standards.

Head Boy, Anthony Armstrong, rose to propose a toast to the Society and he too spoke eloquently of the school and the important place the Society had and does have in ensuring its success. President of the Society, A.J. Wills, responded with high praise of all he has seen at the school during his term of office, with emphasis on the Sport and Music Departments. He was confident the ingredients were in place to ensure the ongoing health of the establishment.
Branch Chairman, Mark Cottam, referred to the strength of the Branch and the enthusiasm of its members. He thought it should continue and develop the ‘between-dinner’ events which had taken place over recent years, examples being the gathering at the home of Newcastle Falcons, the Durham County Cricket Ground and at Newcastle Racecourse, all organised by immediate past-President Don Williams.

He praised the Branch Secretary, Bill Dove, for organising the dinner for the fortieth time, something which brought warm applause from all present.

The Chairman also thanked first-time attendees for accepting their invitations, also the Headmaster for supporting the dinner and for bringing two delightful pupils to address the gathering.

Bill Dove rose to award on behalf of the Branch an engraved tankard to Daniel Pitchford, who had for the past ten years brought from various parts of the country a large group of Old Boys contemporary with him. Their intention was to enjoy the Branch dinner and then spend the rest of the night clubbing!
The tankard’s engraving included the words ‘In Appreciation’ and this was echoed by loud applause and cheers from all present.

Following a convivial dinner, guests moved back into the lounge where further chatter and reminiscing continued until late into the evening. By then, though, the clubbers had already moved off to their first port of call!
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Scottish Branch Dinner
A successful dinner was held at the Edinburgh Accies Clubhouse on 9th November 2011.
There were eleven attendees and the school was represented by the Society’s President Anthony Wills.

Yorkshire Branch Lunch
In the absence of Steve Crossley-Smith, due to an unexpected bout of sciatica, Ian Crawford took command of the event, again held in October at the excellent Blue Boar Hotel, Ripley, with great success. He even managed to arrange for a few bottles of very good quality bin end wines. After an excellent lunch, guests retired to a private lounge for coffee and were then able to hear Anthony Wills speak as President of the Society (the Headmaster was unable to attend owing to the necessity of his being at the school's Open Day). Everyone seemed to enjoy the event and a similar date will be arranged for the 2013 Lunch.
Those present were: Michael Binns (FS 52-56) and Bridget Binns, Peter Bloomer (SH 44-49), Ian Crawford (FS 51-55) and
Hilary Crawford, George Calvin (G 47-51) and Elizabeth Calvin, John Goss (FS 60-65) and Lynne Goss, Stan Holmes (SH 45-50), John Johnson (FS 46-50) and Mrs Johnson, John Laxton (G 50-56) and Di Laxton, Chris Tattersall (SH 55-60) and Mrs Tattersall, Anthony Wills (F 60-64) and Joanna Wills.



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