A personal observation of the night from afar:

Reunion 2012 - Observations from Afar

Ever since I left St. Bees in 1961 I have wondered how my year at school got on in the world (or in some cases how the world got on with them, as there were some pretty independent characters!), for to tell you the truth, I had great confidence in what I thought was a very talented group. So when on one of my irregular visits from Australia, Dacre Watson and Ann and Andrea and I had lunch and Dacre suggested a 50th reunion, it seemed an excellent idea. Regrettably it transpired that neither Dacre nor I were good organisers, so it was not until Dacre ran into Steve Lees and Steve contacted David Lord and Pam Rumney at the school that things got moving. 

Alas, I was prevented from coming at the last minute by family illness but Dacre kindly sent me the photos and provided me with identifications and comments. So let me provide some vicarious reaction.

First to the participants (comments on the 60s generation):

 * First comment is that many people invited their wives. Perhaps for this generation, at least, Sam Parkinson’s allegation of devotion to fast women and slow racehorses may not have been fulfilled.
* I always remember that the late George MacFarlane’s widow said, somewhat resignedly, that as far as she was concerned the Old St. Beghians she met were all the same, so I suspect that there might have been some instant bonding by wives.
* People looked good. Still in reasonable shape and even sometimes recognisable after fifty years (often by the smiles). Also they looked prosperous and happy.
* There was obvious interaction and animation. People were enjoying themselves. They were glad to see one another.

The School:

* Threw itself into the event, with champagne in the library and delightful settings for dinner. Some inspired touches in the tables named for Governors and others who have contributed to the school. Team photos on display (I have to mention the Sedbergh victory here-you were a great captain Mike and we were a good team). Also Australian wines. I think we have David, Pam, the Archives, and Marketing to thank a lot for this effort and creativity.
* It was so good to see the participation by the Headmaster and Head Boy and Girl. This continuation of links is important, not to mention flattering for the Old Boys. What happened to the Crease? Standing water near the try line in the middle of September?

Anyway it looked a splendid occasion. Would that I could have been there.

James Green (F 56-61)



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