Below are a number of emails which were received from well-wishers:

Michael Cotterell (M 57-65) I would have loved to have been able to join you this Friday for the reunion dinner, at which many of the pupils of my time on the staff will be present. I would particularly have wished to meet up again with Mike McIntosh-Reid of whom I have special memories. Sadly my health does not allow me to make the trip to Cumbria to be present, but I would be delighted if there could be some reference of my good wishes to all those gathered there who might remember me. Sadly my hopping days are well past and I now suffer the effects of too much strain on the leg. However it is good to be able to get about even though I cannot do all that I would wish. My best wishes to all connected with the school.”

James Green (F 56-61) – "Due to a change of circumstances over here (in Australia) I'm afraid that Andrea and I are not going to be able to get to the reunion. ….I was really looking forward to coming and catching up with the guys, learning something of what had happened over the last 50 or so years and also reliving our youth. Unfortunately I must accept that it cannot be. I am sorry to let people down, especially Dacre Watson, Steve Lees and David Lord and Pam Rumney from the school after the efforts they have made. I will be there in spirit."

Richard Goss (FS 62-67) – “Unfortunately due to another commitment I am now unable to come to the reunion. I am sure it will be a great evening. The previous one was an occasion I will always treasure - my wife now understands why St Bees always means so much to me.”

Nigel Gilpin (M 64-67)“Many thanks for including me in the list of invitees to the dinner. If all goes to plan, Janet and I will be on the high seas marking our 55th (cor!) wedding anniversary so it will be impossible for me to be with you at what I am sure will be a memorable party.
I remember with real pleasure both my years on the St Bees staff and my attendance at a previous reunion dinner – could it be ten years ago?  Do please give my best wishes to any St Beghian who both recalls me and doesn’t mind being reminded of our working together, to coin a phrase.
The mention of me in the recent magazine brought the memories flooding back.  I really derived colossal benefit from my short time in Cumberland, as it then was.”



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