The School Archives

 Books, prints, photographs, programmes, scrapbooks, silverware, guns, swords, oil paintings, school uniforms, musical instruments, recordings, canes, diaries, magazines, letters, in fact, you name it and the School Archives are probably looking after an example of it, and we are always looking for more.

The collection has not happened by chance. In the 1980s a start was made by Mr I.C. Robson, then Head of Physics, to gather together what had survived from some four hundred years of school life.

I took over as Archivist in the early 1990s and have continued the process of collecting and preserving material. The Archives are now stored safely in rooms in Foundation. In recent years the collection has been enhanced by occasional donations from Old St. Beghians and every donation is welcomed, no matter how apparently trivial.
Should any reader care to look at the Archives, just contact:

Dr A.J.H. Reeve (Archivist) at the St. Beghian Society address.

Tel: (01946) 822472 or email:



The St. Beghian Society,    St. Bees School,    St. Bees,    Cumbria,    CA27 0DS.
         Tel: (01946) 828093