St Beghians’ Day

Saturday, 15th September 2012


The Annual General Meeting of the Society, for which the minutes appear elsewhere, was followed by a service in the school chapel, which commemorated the life of P.C. Bill Barker (G/SH 78-83), whose tragic death occurred in the Cumbria floods in 2009. A plaque was unveiled and a tree planted in his memory. The service was conducted initially by the school chaplain,
Clifford Schwarz, and then by the vicar of Egremont, the Rev Richard Lee. 
Lunch was taken in the Foundation, and during the afternoon, matches were played at hockey (OSB 5 v The School 3), rugby (Blues 36 v Reds 32) and golf (The School 2 ½ - OSBs ½). Events concluded with a reception hosted by the Headmaster.

Those who signified their attendance in advance are listed below along with others whom we know were present on the day.

A copy of the address given by Hazel Barker at the memorial service may be read at under OSB Notices or a copy may be obtained by contacting the St. Beghians Society office
on or 01946 862408.

BRANDWOOD, P.M.H. (Michael)

FS 61-66

JOHNSTON, D.T. (David)

FN 41-44

BRINDLE, J.S. (James)

G 49-53

JONES, I.S. (Ivan)

FN 60-64

BULLOCK, J.F. (James)

FN 44-48

LAMB, A.C. (Tony)

FN 63-67

BURTON, R.J. (Richard)

FN 56-61

LORD, A.D. (Alastair)

SH 90-95

CALVIN, R.P. (Roy)

SH 78-83

LORD, D.F. (David)

SH 60-65

COTES, Elizabeth

Ex Staff

MACCAIG, A.S. (Alec)

FS 42-46


SH 47-52

MAYNE, T.F. (Terence)

SH 47-52

DAVIES, D.W. (Darryl)

FS 62-68

MERRIN, D.S.R. (Duncan)

G 53-57

DOWNHAM, S.A. (Steve)

G 61-65

PARKER, D.M. (David)

G 63-68

FIELD, G.M.H. (Martin)

F 63-66

REDWAY, H.W. (Hugh)

G 62-67

GIBSON, G.W. (George)

F 59-64

REW, P.W. (Paul)

F 61-66

GODBER, R.C. (Rodney)

FS 57-62

RICE, A. (Alan)

FS 49-54

GOSS, J.R. (John)

FS 60-65

RIGBY, J.A. (Tony)

FS 44-49

GOUGH, W.F. (Bill)

SH 51-66

ROBSON, G.C. (George)

FN 57-64

GRAHAM, J.A. (Tony)

FN 53-55

ROWLANDS, D.W. (David)

G 62-65


FN 62-67

TAYLOR, J.H. (John)

G 62-66

HALL, R. (Richard)

FS 64-68

THYNE, M.T. (Malcolm)

HM 80-88

HART, M.P.T. (Martyn)

SH 63-68


F 62-65

HOLMES, E.S. (Stan)

SH 39-45


FN 61-64

INGLEDOW, A.B. (Anthony)

F 45-47

WILLS, A.J. (Anthony)

FN 60-64



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