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 OSB Reunion Dinner 2012
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 OSB Notes:
James Bell (E 63-66)
 Peter Chambers (SH 44-48)
     Callum Darbishire (FS 56-58)
     Gervase Dodd (FS 56-61)
     David Ellis (FS 44-49)
     C. J. Lord (G 53-57)
     Helen Miller (Staff 85-09)
     Geoff Steven (G 59-64)
     Robin Turner (G 52-57)
     John West (SH 61-64)
     Pedal Africa 2012 -
        by Rohit Rao (SH 00-07)



Ronald Barr (G 47-52)
     Herbert Batey (M 59-64)
     Howard Borsden (FS 67-71)
     Tony Cotes (M 59-90)
     Paul Hunter (G 56-61)
     Geoffrey Lees (HM 63-80)
     Robert Nicholson (SH 39-42)
     Rev. Brian Scott (G 48-53)
     Robin Stoddart (G 49-53)

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Reunion Sep 2012

Reunion Dinner - Friday 14th September 2012
For further photographs please click here

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