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  January 2017


North East Branch Dinner 2016

Once again the impressive facilities of the Northumberland Golf Club provided an excellent venue for the Branch’s 2016 Dinner which was held on Wednesday November 9th.

Thirty-six former pupils and members of staff attended.

Chairman Don Williams welcomed everyone, in particular three Old Boys who were attending a Branch Dinner for the first time.

We were also most pleased to have in attendance  Rob Miller, who as well as being an Old Boy, is a member of the current Board of Trustees.

The Northumberland Golf Club can always be relied upon to serve up a meal in keeping with their exquisite dining hall and this year was no exception.

Following the meal Rob spoke about the current state of the school and its prospects. He said that the school’s facilities were in constant use by outside bodies, providing a healthy cash-flow, and that the buildings and the surrounding grounds were being maintained to a high standard. There were a number of ‘irons in the fire’ which could result in the re-opening of the school, possibly in 2018.

Society President Dacre Watson then rose and spoke both eloquently and passionately on the current situation, emphasising how very important it is for all OSBs to support the school and the Society in all ways possible during what is a crucial period of its history.

He said that he was immensely impressed with the work that is being done to ensure a future for the school by a most talented and committed group of Trustees and friends of the school - the latter including the willing involvement of a number of villagers.

After the President had finished speaking, Chairman Don Williams made a presentation to him in appreciation of his dedication during a particularly difficult term as President. Don said “this aptly titled book 'A Portrait of Achievement' is presented to you on behalf of the North East Branch of the St Beghian Society”.

The book was gifted within a presentation box and was dedicated and signed by its author D.H. Williams.

To conclude the evening, George Robson presented six artefacts that he had borrowed from the school archives. These evoked humour and merriment - particularly the Foundation House cane, which some members confessed to having ‘tasted’ during their schooldays!

As happens year after year, at the end of proceedings and after a time spent in the bar, members set off for home, with the exception of the twelve Pitchford Boys, who sped off in taxis in the direction of Newcastle’s quayside nightclubs.

Those present were:

Top Table – D.H. Williams* (FN 61-64) (Chairman), D.F. Lord (SH 60-65) (OSB Hon Secretary/Treasurer), Mrs F.E. Lord (Retired Staff), W.E. Dove* (FN 57-60) (Secretary NE Branch), Mrs H. Miller (Ex Staff), D.R. Watson (FN 61-64) (President of St Beghian Society) and J.R. Miller (SH 93-00) (Trustee of St Bees School).

Table 1 – J.F. Bullock (FN 44-48), F.O. Messenger (SH 50-55), I.D. Nimmo (FN 52-57), N.C. Wakefield (G 53-57), H.B. McLaren (SH 53-57), N.D. Clothier (FN 53-57), A.H. Dobson (G 53-58), R.J. Jackson (FN 55-58), W.M.H. Dix* (FN 55-58).

Table 2 – C.R. Kennedy (FN 55-59), A.M. Carstairs (FN 57-62), George Robson* (FN 57-64), J.M McBryde (G 58-61), A.O. Burn (G 62-65), N.W. Adams (FN 68-71), M.P. Windle (FS 68-71, D.G.W. Reed (FN 75-78) and Mrs R.V. Lewis (L 77-79).

Table 3 – D.J. Pitchford (G 95-02), D. Bushby (SH 95-02), P.J. Drysdale (SH 95-02), B. Wilson (SH 97-04), R.I. Littler (SH 98-05),
M.T. Garstang (SH 98-05), K.A. Marshall (SH 98-05), D. Rhodes (SH 04-11), A. Littler (SH 04-11), R. Carlill (SH 04-11), I. Moore (G 04-11) and S. Wilson (SH 06-13).

* OSB Past Presidents.

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