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  January 2017


Scottish Branch Dinner 2016

The Dinner was held on Friday 25th November 2016 at The Royal Scots Club, Edinburgh.

In attendance were Dacre Watson (President, St Beghian Society)(SH 56-62), Mark George (Chair of Board of Trustees, St Bees School), David Lord (Secretary & Treasurer, St Beghian Society)(SH 60-65), Peter Lever (President-Elect, St Beghian Society)(G 62-66), David Parker (Scottish Branch Secretary, St Beghian Society)(G 64-68), Anthony Wills (F 60-64) and Joanna, Fiona Lord (Former Staff), Nick Hunter (SH 63-67), Ian Hunter (SH 96-03), David Elston (FS 65-70), Charles Crummey (FS 67-72), Tim Mackay (FS 68-73), Ed Wilkie (SH 77-84) and partner, John Barwise (SH 93-00), Tony Graham (FN 53-55) and Michael Baker (SH 93-00).

A three-course meal was served in the Douglas Room followed by words from Mark George on behalf of the Trustees about the latest developments at the school. Dacre Watson then made an appeal to fellow St Beghians to become involved and engaged in the work of the Society and the School Trust. David Parker concluded the speeches by thanking all attendees for their support and all those who had attended over the last twenty years of his tenureship as Scottish Branch Secretary. He has announced his retirement as Secretary and passes over the baton to Dr Jerry Tsang (SH 96-03), who will continue the work of providing dinners and such events that bring Old St Beghians together.  

Another good and convivial evening was had by all and thanks go to the staff of the Royal Scots for again looking after the OSBs so well and providing excellent facilities.




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