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  January 2017


St Beghians' Day – 24th September, 2016


Despite the school's not being in session at present, it was heartening to welcome last September a goodly number of OSBs for this annual event. The morning was taken up with the OSB Committee meeting then the AGM in the Whitelaw Building. The Minutes of the AGM may be seen here in Word or PDF format. Lunch followed in the Salad Room and it was good to see that the old pictures had been restored to the Foundation Dining Room, where there was also a display of school groups from previous decades. In the afternoon, apart from general reminiscing and tours of the buildings, addresses were given regarding the future of the school on behalf of the current Trustees, while in the Memorial Hall a number of village groups were displaying their wares. To see the school bustling with activity again was a delight.



This extract from a letter of appreciation was received from

Ian Jordan (SH 44-48):

"I would like to thank all the people, Old St Beghians and others, responsible for making Saturday, 24th September, such an enjoyable day.

I learned, at the afternoon meeting in The Whitelaw Building of how so many St Beghians had put in a lot of work towards the reinstatement of the school as a going educational establishment and, speaking not only for myself but also, I'm convinced, for all my fellow Old St Beghians, I express my sincere thanks and appreciation for their dedication.

On the Sunday, before setting off for home, I went along the lane between School House and the school buildings and, possibly for the very first time in 72 years (Yes, I'm a really old Old St Beghian), I became aware of what a beautiful valley the village and the school occupy, enhanced by the dedicated work of David Lamb and all the others who are caring for the appearance of St Bees."





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