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  January 2017


David Storey (SH 67-72) remembers Peter:

“Craggy and scruffy with a voice like Richard Burton is how I remember Peter from school days. His teaching-face was stern but away from the classroom he had a great sense of humour and an infectious laugh. He was a maverick, with very progressive ideas about teaching that often set him apart from the traditionalists on the school staff. Fortunately he had a great ally in the Headmaster Geoff Lees, who generally gave him free rein. Peter drove around in a souped-up vintage Porsche for many years and in later life I remember he had an enormous motorbike.

I feel very fortunate to have been taught by Peter. It was as a direct result of his efforts and energy that I was accepted by the prestigious Hornsey College of Art in London. We became firm friends after I left St. Bees and I continued to benefit from his wise counsel and mentoring. He had wanted to come to my solo show in London last year but sadly wasn't up to the journey.

He was a very good artist in his own right, specialising in landscapes rendered in pen and ink - but felt that his real vocation was teaching art.

So many of us Old St Beghians who were taught by Peter and went on to have a career in the arts owe a great debt to him and there must be many others who gained a life-long love and appreciation of the arts as a result of his inspired teaching.

I will miss him, his wise counsel and his infectious laugh.”




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