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  January 2020


London (Informal Gathering)

The second London OSB Social was held again at The Samuel Pepys pub in the City on Friday 11th October 2019. It was an informal social event for OSBs to catch up with just a drink and/or food.

Nicola Shannon (Metcalfe-Gibson (L/G 78-85) coordinated the event.

The years represented spanned from 1957 to 2014 with both old boys and old girls attending. It was a great success and a really fun evening with over twenty-six OSBs present. Special thanks must go to those who made a huge effort by travelling from Cumbria in order to attend.

The evening will be repeated next year (9th October 2020) so please let Nicola Shannon know if you would be interested in coming to what is a thoroughly enjoyable event: or 0776 619 5468.

Attendees: Nicola Shannon (Metcalfe-Gibson) (L/G 78-85), Dacre Watson (FN 61-64),  David Lord (SH 60-65),
Howard Graham (FS 80-87), Will Winzor (SH 00-07), Graeme Bagnall (SH 85-91), Erica Gaffney (Fearfield) (G 80-85),
Sam Young (Fielding) (G 79-85), Donald Jackson (SH 75-80), Kryste Ferguson (Wilson) (L 81-88), Alan Stewart (SH 82-89), Martin Birkett (SH 83-90), Bulent Tugal (FN 76-83), Jane Barham (L 79-86), Carl Drimmie (SH 78-84), Tilak David Paul
(FN 71-76), John McAdam, Michael Pemberton (SH 57-62), Mark Liversedge (FS 59-64), Ian Richards (G/SH 78-85),
Sam Robson (G 79-81), Tim Crossley-Smith (SH 73-78), Claire Evans (B/L 08-14), Rob Fenton-Stone (FS 81-86),
Ben Wilkins (SH 97-04) and Sara Calvin (Gough) (G 77-84).

Further Photos may be seen by clicking here.

London Social 2019



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