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  January 2020


North East

Once again members gathered amid the plush surroundings of the Northumberland Golf Club at Gosforth Park on the edge of Newcastle for the 2019 North East Branch Annual Dinner.

Present were: D.H. Williams (Chairman of NE Branch) (FN 61-64), D.F. Lord (St Beghian Society Treasurer) (SH 60-65),
W.E. Dove (Secretary of NE Branch) (FN 57-60), L. Gribble (Assistant Headmaster & Board Director) (SH 02-09), F.O. Messenger (SH 50-55), J.D.S. Brown (G 53-59), N.D. Clothier (FN 53-57), W.M.H. Dix (FN 55-58), C.R. Kennedy (FN 55-59), A.M. Carstairs (FN 57-62), G.C. Robson (FN 57-64), J.M. McBryde (G 58-61), G.M. Burn (G 58-61), M.P. Windle (FS 58-61), N.W. Adams
(FN 58-71), K.D. Rangecroft (FN 73-78), D.G.W. Reed (FN 75-78) and B.J. Colledge (Guest).

The Branch Chairman, Don Williams, gave apologies for absence from both the Headmaster, Roger Sinnett, and the President of the Society, Peter Lever, whose message was read out. The time-honoured Latin Grace was offered after which a splendid meal was served during which there was much reminiscing and catching up. At appropriate times the Loyal Toast was observed then toasts to both the school and the Society.

After a short break proceedings resumed with Society Treasurer David Lord reporting on the sale of certain Society assets and the state of its finances, which are constantly being reviewed.

The Chairman then invited the Assistant Headmaster and Board Director, Laurence Gribble, to address the meeting. Laurence rose to give an intriguing illustrated talk which had three themes – firstly, his incredibly arduous cycling journey from the gates of Buckingham Palace to Hong Kong; secondly, Full Circle’s involvement with St Bees School and the partnership’s progress to date; and thirdly, details of the education pupils at the school are currently receiving.

NE Dinner - Commemoration Coin

George Robson rose to thank Laurence for his excellent presentation and handed him a keepsake in the form of a five pounds piece minted at the Royal Mint and featuring a rat. The coin was struck to mark the commencement of the Chinese twelve-year lunar Sheng Xiao calendar.

For those who could not attend the 2018 Dinner to receive a copy, Chairman Don Williams gave Laurence Gribble and other members a present of his book titled ‘A Portrait of Achievement’. Don wrote this book to illustrate the reasons for our regional pride in the North East.                                  

Members and guests then retired from the dining room to the bar for further conviviality until departing via taxis or cars.

Further Photos may be seen by clicking here.

NE Dinner 2019



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