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  January 2020


Singapore Lunch


The fourth annual Singapore OSB lunch was held at the Singapore Cricket Club on the 4th January 2020 and attended by six Old Boys and two wives.

Attendees: John Hewitson (SH 52-57) and wife Penny, Duncan Merrin (GH 53-57) and wife Yati, Dickon Smart-Gill (SH 85-92), Ken Davies (GH 64-68), Nick Hunter (AC 87-94) and David Ng (84-91).                                 

Peter Lever, the President of the OSB Society, and Laurence Gribble, the Assistant Headmaster and Board Director, both kindly forwarded summaries of the current status at school. These were circulated and generated a general discussion on the future of St Bees School in Cumbria; the expansion into China of the St Bees ‘Brand’; and the need for additional funds to be found by the UK side of the school to meet its commitment to the Full Circle Group.

The sale of Grindal did not bring a lump to the throat or a tear to the eye of those old Grindalians present!
There was a very comprehensive discussion regarding the way forward in education and what subjects are now important in the fast-moving world that we now live in.

Should pupils be taught computer coding? Should there be an awareness of artificial intelligence (AI)? Should it be taught as a subject since it is moving more and more into our everyday life?

Dickon Smart-Gill lead the discussion on this as he is in that field. After listening to Dickon those present were convinced that AI should be taught.

David Ng told us the remarkable story of his family moving from Hong Kong to Cumbria and successfully establishing a chain of Chinese restaurants.

End of play was about 3.45, I think, and farewells were made along with a promise to do it all again in 2021.

Further Photos may be seen by clicking here.


Singapore Lunch - Saturday 4th January 2020




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