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  January 2020


Following the articles on the Grindal ‘Last Post’ buglers and
the old school prospectuses in the summer issue of the Bulletin,
we have received some follow-up comments:


Ian Chapman (G 73-80) has sent in a photo which can be seen below.

Concerning the St Bees Last Post bugle-call history, this is apparently the only photo of it taking place in unusual circumstances.

With the change of Grindal to the girls' house in 1979, the senior boys there were transferred to Abbots Court. Ben Knight continued the Last Post call from Abbots for a term, but the acoustics were unsuitable for the main school to hear it clearly, so Luke Tattershall took over on School House in 1980.

On the photograph can be seen Adrian Johnston on drums, who was a leading member of the Cumbria Youth Orchestra, as was Ben Knight. In late 1979 Johnston composed a backing track, conferred with Knight, and told me to play three chords on a guitar. It was amped up, and played one winter evening from the front of Abbotts Court. Three members of the school rock band happened to turn up, Henderson, Jameson and Nicholson, and John Offord took a break from his fitness training to see what was happening. Canadian student Colin Maskey took the photo. Adrian Johnston became a film and tv composer winning an Emmy and a BAFTA.

OSB Notes - From Ian Chapman last Post Buglers



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