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  January 2020


Peter Michael Howard Brandwood (FS 61-66).

Michael (Mike) was born in 1947 to Ann and Peter Brandwood. His father was a serving officer in the Border Regiment in Palestine at the time and did not see his son until he was over a year old.

On his return to England the family lived in Carlisle; one memory of those days recalls that the young Michael’s artistic inclinations were first displayed when he one day ‘improved’ a neighbour’s car with a handy pot of paint. The car was a Rolls Royce! In the 1950s the family moved to Malaya where his father was based during the ‘emergency’. Michael apparently enjoyed every minute of it despite his father’s frequent absences and sudden appearances from the surrounding jungle. It was through the ‘planters’ lunches’ there that Michael acquired his large appetite and a love of curries! After Malaya, the next country was Germany where he learned to ski and also became a choirboy.

On returning to England he was sent to Lime House Preparatory School near Dalston and then on St Bees, a school he always regarded with great affection and to which he subsequently sent his son, Roger. It was at these schools that his great love of rugby was fostered as well as a passion for cricket and golf. His post school career was in banking and for over thirty years he worked for what became the National Westminster Bank, both in Cumbria and around the Manchester area prior to his retirement in 1999. In 1971 he had married Kate and five years later Roger was born.

Obit - Mike Brandwood
Obit - Mike Brandwood

Having been a member of the CCF at St Bees, it was no surprise when he joined the T.A. in Workington, eventually becoming commanding officer of ‘D’ Company. Michael thoroughly enjoyed his time in the T.A. and made many lasting friendships. When in 2000 the Regimental Headquarters in Carlisle Castle was looking for assistance, he went there like a shot and devoted the next twelve years to them. In many ways it was like returning home for him.

Michael (Mike) will be missed by many people.




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