No. 196

OSB Logo The Old St Beghian
  January 2020




                                                    President:                                  President-Elect:

P. G. Lever (Peter)

(G 62-66)

H. J. Graham (Howard)
(FS 80-87)


                                       Treasurer:                                   Secretary:

D. F. Lord (David)

(SH 60-65)

Mrs P.J. Rumney (Pam)



R.P. Calvin (Roy)

(SH 79-83)

R. Hall (Richard)

(F 64-68)

Mrs S.J. Calvin (Sara)

(G 77-84)

A.T. Johnston (Andrew)

(G 68-73)

D.W. Davies (Darryl)

(FS 62-68)

A.D. Lord (Alastair)

(SH 90-95)

J.M.W. Dunn (John)

(FS 64-69)

A.J.H. Reeve (Tony) 

(M 89-08)

A.P. Fox (Anthony)

(G 62-67)

M.N. Roberts (Mark)

(SH 93-95)

A.J. Haile (Andy)

(F/SH 76-83)

A.J. Wills (Anthony)

(F 60-64)



R.P. Calvin (Roy)

(SH 79-83)

N.A. Halfpenny (Nigel)

(FN 62-67)

J.G. Craig (James)

(FN 75-82)

D.F. Lord (David)

(SH 60-65)


If you are interested in being involved,

please contact the Secretary or any of the above members.



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