No. 200

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  January 2022


From Our President

Howard Graham (FS 80-87)


In the last Bulletin I was hoping that we would finally be able to hold a long overdue OSB event! Well as you can probably see from the reports elsewhere in this issue, despite some restrictions we managed to push ahead. It reconfirmed to me how important and enjoyable it is just to get together and chew the fat with old friends. The Cumbria Dinner and London Social (expertly organised by Darryl Davies and Nicola Shannon) were outstanding functions, with the love of old friends visible in abundance. There are few more beautiful venues than Armathwaite Hall, and we are so grateful for the support of Simon Steele, and, once again, also for next year’s Cumbria Dinner. For those that travelled from far and wide to attend events, I salute you. I urge you all to make the effort next time; call some old friends that you may not have seen in a while and enjoy the time together. Having pushed myself into more meet-ups than normal recently, I’ve realised how much they’ve been missed and I promise it’s worth the effort. Having the opportunity to meet the new Headmaster, Mr Robin Silk, at the London Social was excellent and I can tell you that, as a character, I’d be happy as a pupil or parent to have him in charge moving the school forward.

We are looking to take the opportunities for reunions a step further in the New Year with a planned Black Tie Dinner for a few hundred at the school on the 18th June 2022 (which will coincide with OSB Day and a weekend of other celebrations) similar to the one held in 2012. My main effort will be to make this event the grandest it can be, with a special after-dinner speaker and entertainments. Please start looking at putting your table together. More details will come through early this New Year.

Let’s all reconnect. I look forward to seeing you in June. I hope you all had an enjoyable festive season.

NB. If you know of friends that aren’t listed with the OSB Secretary ( for email (much preferred) or a current address for postal updates, then please get them to make contact with Pam and please join the FaceBook OSB Social Group if you haven’t already, or invite others to join. (

Howard Graham,



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