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  January 2022


Head Boy, Head Girl, Head of School, Senior Prefect…


Over the years, the pupil given the responsibility of heading up the school appears to have been given a variety of titles. However, whether you were a Head Boy, Head Girl, Head of School or Senior Prefect at St Bees School, or knew someone that was, we would very much like to hear from you.

Following a conversation with some fairly recent OSBs during lockdown, we thought it would be an interesting and useful exercise to try and compile a record of all the Head Boys and Head Girls at St Bees School over the years. In starting our search, it became apparent that over the years, the title of the pupil in charge of the school has changed on several occasions. The intention is to utilise the school magazines to extract as much information as possible, but we would also very much like to hear from anyone that held one of these positions or knows the name of someone who did. The listing so far may be seen here under ‘Historical Listings/Info’.

It is also more than likely that the role of the ‘Head of School’ has changed over the generations and we are therefore proposing to create a new feature in the Society Bulletin identifying Head Boys and Girls from various eras to find out what the role entailed during their time at school and where they are now.

What better place to start… than 40 years on… So, this Bulletin features Toby Tattersall (SH/E 75-82) and
Jane Routledge (G 77-82), who were Head Boy and Head Girl at St Bees and left school in 1982.

Both can be seen in the 1981 Whole School Photo, when they were in the lower sixth form – Toby (No.115) and Jane (No.117) here.

If you held one of these positions and would be willing to contribute a piece to a future Bulletin, please do get in touch with the OSB office on or (01946) 828093.





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