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  January 2022


Duncan Merrin (G 53-57) recalls ‘Stig’ Jones:

“I was saddened to read of the passing of my old friend Stig Jones. We arrived at St Bees the same day and left the same day; we were very close for years after school and it was I who introduced him to his beloved Isle of Arran. I now understand why the photo of four boys is on the front of the Bulletin. There are actually five, the one cut off on left showing just legs is me. Stig is holding a pint on the front. I was very saddened to lose him.

Stig and I were sent to Meadow House. Myself, Stig and one other thirteen year old all shared a dorm. We were instantly friends for life. He was transferred to Foundation, I to Grindal, but it made no difference. He was a rugby man but not a cricketer, but boy could he ride a bike! He had what we called a racer and rode everywhere. After we left school we still saw a great deal of each other. We lost touch a little when I went overseas to work, but he came to my 70th BBQ in Keswick, still the cheery friend. It is still taking me time to take this sad loss in.”



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