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  January 2022


Ivan Jones (FN 60-64) writes:

“John West’s article about Gus Walker in this latest issue of the OSB magazine is most interesting as is the one from Charles Headley also.

I would like to add my two pennyworth to the body of knowledge concerning Sir Augustus. I have not remembered names of boys and masters as well as perhaps I should, but in those days I was a little more interested in photography even using the dark room which I think was by the squash court.

I actually have a series of photographs I took the day that Gus Walker attended the CCF inspection. They were taken with a box camera and don’t enlarge too well I’m afraid, but you can see that the aircraft did not land on the crease. Not even Gus could get away with that! The pictures show the bungee glider. It was hardly ever brought out, but it was on this day. If I remember correctly Gus actually flew it. The glider was launched by a team pulling an elastic cord (hence bungee) ahead of the craft which was tethered to a stake. Once the correct tension was achieved, the pilot pulled a lever on his left under the seat with his left hand and off the craft lurched into the air as the pilot used his right hand to control the flight. This sequence happened very quickly. Gus did all this with one hand! The other pictures show the helicopter ‘under close guard’ and finally show Gus getting back into the machine in the command pilot’s position. I hope these pictures are of interest. As to the date, I have them posted in my album as being taken in 1961 not 1964 as John Suggests.

One other picture (below) is the menu for The London Old Boys Dinner in February 1973. It was held at the East India Club. I was emigrating to Canada almost exactly two months later so the others at the dinner decided to sign the menu as a keepsake. Notice the signatures of Gus Walker, Lees the Head, Bill Fox, J N Hedley and W Widdas (see Chares Hedley’s article). The other names I no longer remember.

OSB Notes - Ivan Jones - OSB Dinner Programme 1973

John also refers to a picture of Inspection Day by Paul Rew. If this was the same day as Gus’ visit it must have been 1961 as well. Also attached are photographs taken by me/my father in 1964 that show an entirely different set of dignitaries at the viewing stand. And the inspecting officer in my pictures does not look like Gus Walker.”


Further Photographs may be seen by clicking here.




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