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  January 2022


Christopher Liversedge (F 53-58).

Mark Liversedge (FS 59-64) has kindly supplied the following notice regarding his brother, Christopher.

“Sadly my elder brother Christopher Liversedge died from Covid on the 24th September 2021 aged 82 years. Luckily I was able to go up to see him and his beautiful wife Karen at his lovely cottage in Scotland at Ravenswood, Kilmelford, Argyll overlooking Loch Melfort to celebrate his 82nd  birthday on the 4th September before he caught the virus. He was born on September 4th 1939, the day the 2nd World War was declared, and went to St Bees School in September 1952 on Foundation House. He enjoyed his time at St Bees and as a result I was sent to St Bees in September 1959 and was of course also on Foundation.

He studied architecture in Leeds, and when qualified he bought a house in York and went to work for a firm in that city where he then became a partner. He loved sailing and bought a sailing boat while living in York and he often sailed up to Scotland and at one time also sailed all the way around the United Kingdom. When he retired he moved up to Oban in Scotland to live there, because his sailing boat had been kept on a sailing harbour  site close by for many years, and he continued regular sailing trips to Skye, Eigg, Mull, Rum and the Shetlands.”



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