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  January 2022



David George Laxton (G 55-61).

Julie, John (G 51-56) and Richard Laxton (G 59-64), with help from Michael Slack (G 56-59), have sent the following:

“David was born in Bingley but spent most of his youth in Ilkley where he attended Ghyll Royd School. He followed his elder brother John to St Bees where he had a huge impact on main stream sport. He played at full back for the 1st XV, being one of the earliest proponents of the then ‘modern’ soccer style place kicks. He was one of the youngest ever members of the cricket 1st XI, latterly as captain. His secret weapon on the pitch was nicknamed ‘The Slinger’ - a vicious swinger that ended many an opponent’s innings. David was fiercely competitive.

Obit - David Laxton - Centre - June 1960

David - In Centre in Stripey Jacket


He regularly played for the OSB cricket team alongside Henry and Archie Maclaren, ‘Carter’ Croft, Nigel Boucher and many more.


From the age of 16 David discovered Austin Sevens, which created a lifelong passion of owning, driving and restoring vintage cars. We think he owned and restored over 150 in his lifetime. His pipe and good ale were also his favourite passions; if all experienced in one day, even better!


He joined the army prior to studying dentistry at Leeds University and travelled every day from Ilkley in his beloved yellow Austin Seven.  He was noticed and interviewed by the Yorkshire Evening Post at the time. After graduation he lived for several years in Colchester as a captain in the army and quickly joined the Colchester Vintage Motor Club; he remained a member all his life.

Obit - David Laxton - Pint

David continued to play cricket and hockey for Ben Rhydding Sports Club just outside Ilkley to where he had returned. He continued lifelong friendships almost as if he hadn’t been away. He met and married Julie in his beloved Yorkshire.


His son is now continuing the vintage car connection as a specialist furnisher and fabricator for these cars and his daughter is a director for a women’s charity. And another is now a chaplain in Canada.


His career in dentistry did not get in the way of restoring, trialling and driving Austin Sevens; at one time it was considered that his career was Molar Motors! He was a General Dental Practitioner part-time and enjoyed his Austin Sevens for the remainder of the week.

Obit - David Laxton - Austin 7
David at University with his Austin 7.
He used to travel to and from University every day in it.

In 2005 David suffered from Guillain-Barre syndrome, which severely restricted his mobility, but he continued to work as Dental Practice Advisor, which was his greatest professional achievement. The local dental practitioners greatly appreciated the wisdom and support of David’s advice for ‘Safe Practice’ in the Bradford area. Many attended his retirement party in 2008, where the hotel had to move the celebrations to the biggest room they had - the ballroom. In the last few years David needed the support of a wheelchair. However he could still be found outside in the sunshine with his pipe and a pint of Theakstons.

Obit - David Laxton - Centre
David - In Centre in Stripey Jacket

David was a very kind and gentle man. His patients remember him as such, which was quite something for a dentist.

He passed away after a short illness on July 10th 2021.”




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