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  January 2022


Hill Wilson (FN 42-44).

Ann Wilson has kindly forwarded the following regarding her late father.

In loving memory of Hill Wilson (FN 42-44) who was born in Northern Ireland on February 7, 1928 and passed away in Victoria, Australia, on May 1, 2020. Hill is survived by his wife, Lilias, and his daughters, Ann (Rob) and Sandra (Tim) and their son, Brent as well as other family in Vancouver, Northern Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Scotland. Hill was a devoted husband, father and grandfather and he is greatly missed.

Hill was a proud mariner. His seafaring career began in 1944 when he joined a ship commanded by his father as a cadet officer (the nautical history site, Nauticapedia, has an informative article about his seafaring career and the projects he undertook in his retirement - view here).

He retired as the senior pilot of the British Columbia Marine Pilots Ltd. in 1992. During his retirement he not only wrote four books, but served as the President of the Maritime Museum of British Columbia and as the Executive President of the Canadian Merchant Navy Veterans Association. In the latter position he represented the interests of merchant mariners on the Government of Canada's Special Benefit Review Committee. His vast knowledge of issues surrounding the merchant navy made him an invaluable member of that committee and, in 2006, he was awarded the Minister of Veterans Affairs Commendation in recognition of his role in that capacity.

Many thanks to Dr. Ted Rosenberg for his compassionate care to Hill. Our heartfelt gratitude to two dear friends whose considerate help allowed him to remain in the comfort of his own home until his death.

The many cards, emails and flowers sent to Lilias after Hill’s death were greatly appreciated.



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