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  January 2022


P.J. (Philip) Capes (HM 2000-2012).

Former Headmaster of the school, Philip Capes, died on 19th July 2021 following a protracted illness. In his youth he had taken an engineering degree at Exeter University, then teacher training at Keble College, Oxford, before teaching in schools, mainly mathematics and physics, in London. After gaining experience as a Housemaster, he was appointed Deputy Head of Warminster School in Wiltshire, from whence he came to St Bees.

Almost immediately he had to cope with the impact of the national fuel crisis on the school community, and then with the traumatic period of the foot and mouth epidemic. His years as Headmaster saw a number of new initiatives introduced: the opening of the Fox Music Centre in Barony, the Mawson Sixth Form Centre in Foundation, and in 2008 there was a major development in the creation of the school’s own Preparatory Department. Mention should also be made of the establishment of a specialist Golfing Academy.



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