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  January 2022


School Careers Event – 7th March 2022

The school is launching a Careers Week in March and would, if possible, like to include any
OSBs who could share their working experiences and give advice in the career paths listed below.

The event will be held in the Memorial Hall with each person sitting at a table at which small groups of students will sit round and engage in a question and answer session concerning each career.

The students have expressed an interest in the following career paths:

Accountancy (tax and auditing), Criminology, Psychology, Engineering, Doctor.

The school would be very grateful if any OSBs were willing to assist in this
and to share their careers with our current students.

For more information, would interested OSBs please contact

Mrs Jeanette McCallig, Business and Economics Teacher,

on email: or telephone: (01946) 828000.



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