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  July 2023


Cumbria Dinner – Fri 3rd Feb 2023,

Armathwaite Hall, Bassenthwaite


After a very successful Dinner in May 2022, we met again at Armathwaite Hall, Bassenthwaite on February 3rd 2023 for the West Cumbria Branch Dinner. The change of season from summer to winter did not seem to affect the numbers as there were 64 in attendance. People came from many different parts of the UK including Edinburgh, Oxford, Yorkshire and the Midlands. A big thank you for making the effort.

I should like to extend my thanks once again to Simon Steele (FS 85-89), the manager at Armathwaite Hall, and also to Leeann Lennox-Burrough, sales and marketing executive, for once again making this dinner possible and for all the hard work they have put in so that this evening runs safely and smoothly. Many thanks also to all the staff who work so tirelessly behind the scenes.

I am indebted to Pam Rumney, Secretary of the Society, who has been a great help to me in organising this Dinner and who works amazingly hard throughout the year for the benefit of the Society. Pam also set up a memorabilia table with school magazines and photographs which corresponded to the years of those who were present.

Branch Activities - Cumbria Dinner

The evening began with a champagne reception in the Broadwater suite prior to the meal. Thanks to Miss Dee (aka Victoria Davies (L 94-99)), for providing the music and entertaining us during this part of the evening.

After the reception we took our seats for the meal, which was of excellent quality and great value for money (£30!!) and included wine! We were given a varied choice of starter, main course and sweet with a vegetarian option, and the presentation was superb. The excellent staff and service made it another memorable occasion.

We were delighted to welcome Mr Robin Silk, the Headmaster, who gave us an update on the current situation at St Bees School. Under his leadership the school continues to grow.

We also welcomed our President, Carter Croft (FN 60-65), who is hoping to move the Society forward under his leadership.

Dick Lockwood (59-64) was presented with a copy of the Foundation House photograph taken in 1963 for showing originality in his pose!

Branch Activities - Cumbria Dinner


Guest –
Robin Silk (Headmaster).

Officials of the Society – Carter Croft (FN 60-65)(President), Fred Lord (SH 60-65)(Treasurer) & Fiona Lord (Staff 93-07), Darryl Davies (FS 62-68)(Cumbria Branch Secretary) & Pat Davies (Staff 91-01) and Pam Rumney (OSB Sec. 07-23).

Alumni - Clive Milburn (F 58-63), William Hind (G 59-64), Richard Lockwood (FS 59-64), Sally Hopkinson, Tim Melville (F 59-64), Paul Haywood (SH 60-65), David Ward (FN 60-65), Nick Curry (SH 60-66) & Viv Curry, Stephen Downham (G 61-65) & Kornelia Downham, David Rowlands (G 62-68), Tim Mackay (FS 68-73), Richard Ward (FN 74-77), Ken Rangecroft (FN 74-78), Andy Haile (SH 76-83) & Jane Dyer (Staff), Roy Calvin (SH 79-83) & Sara Calvin (nee Gough)(L/G 77-84), Rob Stewart (SH 79-83) & Dympna Stewart, Rosheen Ryan (nee Parker)(L/G 80-82), Jonathan Steele (FS 82-87), Siobhan Mulrooney (nee Parker)(L 83-86), Matt Hodgson (SH 83-90) & Nicola Hodgson, Paul Mawson (FS 83-90), Craig Melrose (F 83-90) & Jo Melrose, Jon Milburn (FS 83-90), Andrew Miller (SH 83-90) & Leanne Miller, Gill Venus (nee Lowrey)(G 83-90), Emma Davies (nee McNeil)(G 84-91), Chris Wilson (AC 84-91), Will Adie (SH 85-88) & Kay Adie, Simon Steele (FS 85-89), Ian Forster (AC 85-92) & Audrey Forster, Chris Johnston (SH 85-92) & Anne-Louise Johnston (nee Crookdake)(L 86-93), Vicky Poulett (nee Brownrigg)(L 86-88), Jacqeline Teggin (nee Green)(G 86-91), Andrea Thompson (L/G 86-91), Claudia Staechmann Brown (nee Brown)(G 87-91), Richard Postlethwaite (AC 88-92) & Negin Postlethwaite, Marianne Postlethwaite & Dave Postlethwaite, Richard de la Riviere (AC 88-95), Amelia Warne (nee McWilliam)(G/L 88-95), Alastair Lord (SH 90-95), Victoria Davies (L 94-99), Laurence Gribble (SH 02-09), Tom Wright (G 11-15), Jake Gildert (12-14).

Branch Activities - Cumbria Dinner

We look forward to seeing you all again next year when the dinner will take place on February 9th 2024 at Armathwaite Hall.

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