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  July 2023


OSB Day Eton Fives -

John Wilkinson (FS 68-73) reports:

The event began after lunch on the Saturday afternoon
with one Old Boy (myself), two masters and thirteen
pupils from the school taking part. Pairs were chosen
on a seed basis, which left eight players requiring to
be picked on a number allocation.

OSB Day Fives

There were eight pairs and there was a round robin basis for the play off, with four in each group; the winners of Group A playing the runners-up of Group B and vice versa. The winners of these two Groups played in the final and the losing two played for third place.

OSB Day Fives
OSB Day Fives

It was a very competitive two and a half hours of Fives and all who took part thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon. It is hoped to repeat this format next year.

OSB Day Fives Winners

For the record, the winning pairs were: 1st Suproto and Frederik; 2nd Mr Gray and Rares; 3rd John Wilkinson and Martyn.

All the Eton Fives photos may be seen here.


John also adds an appeal:

"When I was Fives Captain in 1972 and 1973, I taught quite a few to play the game. Where are you now? I am still playing at the age of 69. It is my 70th next year and so let us have all the fives players since 1973 come back and take on the school, it would be wonderful to play against them and win. Let’s make the OSBs have a weekend to remember for everybody. The present pupils would love to take on the OSBs as they did in the past.
As you see, I really enjoyed the weekend playing Fives again!"




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