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  July 2023


Barry Williams (F 52-57) recalls the 1953 coronation.

“I had lunch the other day in a five-some with Peter Griffiths and David Hedley with their wives. In addition to me, Peter and David were all Foundation 52-57. Over lunch we got to discuss our memories of the late Queen's coronation in 1953 when we were all at school (no tiny black and white TV for us!).

I mentioned that I remember very well that Miss Widdas, the art teacher, and others produced a number of heraldic shields out of stiff cardboard or plywood over which were stretched Foundation North rugby shirts with blue and white hoops and FS shirts with red and white hoops. From what I remember these shields were hung alternately out of the windows of Big Dorm, overlooking the Crease. Griffiths and Hedley can't remember this, and neither can Ian Nimmo (F 52-57), whom I have just telephoned! I am convinced I am right, but then all of us are in our 85th years so who knows?
I made a bit of progress by finding my store of old school magazines in my very dusty attic! The issue for July 1953 (Vol 16 No 11) certainly confirms my memories of our red/blue/white rugby shirts being used in the decoration of Foundation although it doesn't refer to the 'shields', which I am pretty certain our shirts were stretched over.

Anyway it's all a bit trivial but fun to remember. I'm pretty certain that none of us expected that the Queen would reign for almost all our lives, in many cases for longer than some of my friends would live.”

(Do any OSBs have recollections of these shields or indeed other memories of being at school during the Queen’s coronation?  Ed.)



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