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  July 2023


John West (SH 61-64) recently donated some books to the school’s library and writes:

“Thoughts of the library reminded me of what a haven of peace this was. In winter a fire would be burning in the huge fireplace. I'm sure it was some sort of 'privilege' to sit near it (for the prefects only – Ed.), but it was a joy to while away time there on a wet Sunday afternoon. One of the books I took out was a biography of Ferenc Puskas, front man of the 'Mighty Magyars', as the Hungarian national team was known in the 1950s. I had no real interest in football, I loved rugby. However, Rob Astin, lover of football generally and Burnley in particular, persuaded me to read it and I enjoyed it.

Rob and I regularly exchange letters and when I mentioned that I was expecting to see, among others, Carter Croft and David Lord at the Grange Hotel in September, he said that he'd met Carter in about 1972 when he was playing for Sidcup and Rob for Westcombe Park. He also added 'The other person I bumped into post school was David Lord. He was working for Barclays in Margate (?) and another big Burnley fan.' Burnley were in their pomp in the early sixties, but Rob felt that he and Fred may have been the only Burnley supporters in school, or possibly even the county. He was pleased to find that they were both still supporters. I still don't really follow football, but since St Bees, I have always looked to see how Burnley have got on.

The library was used for the Debating Society meetings and although I never took part, I used to enjoy listening to the cut and thrust. One time the discussion involved members taking the part of famous people stranded on a raft. I think they were running out of food and had to ditch someone overboard; each player had to expound on why it should not be them. I can't remember who else took part or who the other celebrities were, but Nick Curry was Bob Hope. His argument was basically that without him they were 'Hopeless.' Lots of good laughs. Nick was consigned to the sharks!”



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