Foundation South Dinner

South Will Rise Again!

A Foundation South Reunion Dinner,organised by Trevor Whitwell (FS 66-72) and Peter Martland (67-72), was held on Saturday 13th June 2015 for those at School in the late 60s/early 70s.

A wonderful evening was had by all those who attended. The landing of a Loach (OH-6A Cayuse) Vietnam War veteran helicopter at Wallside, piloted by the son of Simon Johnson (FS) and colleague
Mike Hewitt (SH), plus tours of the School and an excellent slide show of old photos put together
by Chris Jenkinson (FS), were among the highlights of the evening.

Those present were: Nick & Katharine Bacon, Joe Croasdale, Brian & Rosemarie Fisher, Charles Gray, Mike & Karen Hewitt, Richard Hird, Clive Hodges, Simon & Nina Johnson, Tim MacKay,
Peter & Helen Martland, and Trev & Brenda Whitwell.
Former Masters present: Philip & Maureen Barratt, Richard Elgood and Tom & Ann Rice.
Plus David Lord and Pam Rumney from the St Beghian Society.

The following selection of photographs have kindly been sent in by various people:

Foundation South Reunion

South Reunion
from Simon Johnson

South Reunion
from Trevor Whitwell
The Speeches
The Beghian Years

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Video 1

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Chris Jenkinson's
Slide Show
The Beghian Years
Chris Jenkinson's
Old Photographs

Life at School