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  July 2018
Editor: Dr A. J. H. Reeve, 6 Abbey Farm, St Bees, Cumbria, CA27 0DY.
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  Calendar of Events (2018/19)

  St Beghians' Day 2018:
OSB Day 2018 Information
     OSB Day 2018 Reply Form -           Word or PDF

  OSB Notes:
     Bill Affleck (SH 45-51)
     Robin Brooksbank-Pearcy                             (SH 57-60)
     Eric Middleton (M 58-69)
     Sam Robson (G 79-81)
     Dacre Watson (SH 56-62)
     Lest We Forget -
Capt. W.L. Robinson VC

  We Will Remember Them 

  Armistice Day 2018


Paul Barron (FN 51-54)
     John Beal (FN 51-56)
Neville Boyd (FN 44-49)
     Barry Browne (FS 42-47)
     Jeff Evans (M 95-14)
Stan Holmes (SH 45-50)
Michael Jarrett (FS 47-50)
     Basil Mawdsley (G 43-47)
          From Sheila Pugh
From Tom Sharp (G 44-47)
Douglas Rickerby (FN 34-38)
     Ken Stamper (G 54-56)
     Donald (Doug) West (F 39-44)    

   Events & Branch Notes:
Branch Activities - Reports              Hong Kong 2018
       London 2018
       Shenzhen 2018
       Singapore 2018

Branch Dinners/Other Dates
       Cumbria Dinner 2018
       London Informal Social 2018
       North East Dinner 2018
Yorkshire Lunch 2018

Hong Kong Dinner 2019
       Shenzhen Dinner 2019

 Singapore Lunch 2019

       Thomas Froggatt Rugby
   Branch Secretaries

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     OSB Golfing Society (OSBGS)
     St Bees Golf Club

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War Memorial St Bees School
Shenzhen Dinner 2018
Singapore Lunch 2018
1st XI Douglas Rickerby (Captain)

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